Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Fringe: New J.J. Abrams show

I missed the first two episodes, because I'm completely out of the loop for the new TV season. Thank goodness for Wikipedia (now where's my money, Wikipedia?) Saw the third episode last night. Not bad, but not great either. The show's about an eccentric research scientist (John Noble), his grown son (Joshua Jackson), and an FBI agent (Anna Torv) trying to blow open a conspiracy that appears to be funded by a mega-corporation. Noble is an excellent mixture of endearingly childlike and creepily sociopathic, but Torv is wooden and Jackson (looking five times as old as he did in his Dawson's Creek days) is incredibly annoying. But there's real potential here. The first thing they need to do is kill off Jackson's character as a sweeps stunt.


Anonymous said...

Being a Abrams show, I was looking forward to it...due to my work schedule i missed the first few episodes. Now based on your review I'm probably going to take a pass completely on the show.

Milk said...

My review may have come across as harsher than I intended (except for anything about Joshua Jackson -- can't be harsh enough on him.)

I'll probably watch a couple more episodes before I decide whether or not to follow it.

I forgot to mention the short commercial breaks. Fringe and Joss Whedon's mid-seasoner Dollhouse are the only shows that have them. Hopefully they'll set a precedent.