Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Comic Book of the Week: Thor: The Truth Of History

I'm an Alan Davis completist, so there was never any question I was going to buy this. I enjoyed it. It seems to me that it's Davis's tribute to the Stan Lee/Jack Kirby Tales of Asgard back-up serials in the Silver Age issues of Thor, where Thor and the Warriors Three had adventures in various realms. This time it's ancient Egypt. Davis's art is always a feast for the eyes, even in cases like this one where the coloring is not very good. And Davis writes a great Thor. There's a fine line between a fierce but noble warrior and an outright oaf, and Davis stays on the right side of the line. A simple story, but a good story well told.


Cristian said...

This sounds very good and I know I'll look for it the next time I'm in the comicshop. I loved both JLA: the Nail stories and liked Alan's Legion book as well. One question though, since this is the historical Thor ... is it the one we know in the Marvel U. (since the Don Blake identity humbled Odin's son) ... or the arrogant Thor that made his father humble him in the first place? A great example of this is the Thor presented in Marvel: the Lost Generation where though he may be the great thunder god, he is also kind of a jerk.

Milk said...

I loved both JLA: The Nails, too. A few years ago, I toyed with writing an Avengers version where Captain America didn't survive the big freeze. Maybe I'll still write it.

This is the arrogant Thor, but it works in this context.

Thanks for mentioning Lost Generation, I keep forgetting to look for it at the comic book store; this week I'll get it for sure.

Have you read Alan's Fantastic Four: The End? I thought it was great, one of his best stories.

Cristian said...

Finally got this one, and I liked it a lot. Alan is very good at giving the right charcterizations. He can make Thor seem godly, and still be just as adept at humor (Laurel and Hardy as archeologists? lol). Plus his and Farmer's art is as good as ever. If anything, the book was too short.

No. I never got FF: The End. Maybe I should.

Did you pick up any of Lost Generation? If so, what did you think?

Here's to hoping Alan does an Avengers limited series one of these days.