Saturday, October 18, 2008

Silverhawks Volume 1 DVD

An underrated 80s TV space opera cartoon finally becomes available for old fans and a new generation. Picture and sound quality are excellent, the better to appreciate the painterly color scheme worthy of classic Disney and the superlative score by Swiss composer Bernard Hoffer (who also did the equally excellent music for Silverhawks' sister show, Thundercats.) The one disappointment is the behind-the-scenes feature. It's only ten minutes long, and while Maggie Wheeler gives a fun interview (she considers Melodia to be "the first of my famous annoying characters"), the other surviving cast members, Peter Newman and Larry Kenney, are very much missed, especially considering how good their interviews were on the Thundercats DVD feature. Still a worthy addition to any animation fan's collection. No word yet on if or when there will be a Volume 2 collecting the remaining episodes.

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