Sunday, April 25, 2010

FANFIC: The Transformers in "Turning Point", Chapter 1

NOTE: This story takes place in G1 continuity. The year is 1990, which places the story in between the end of Season 2 and Transformers The Movie.

In a remote corner of the Southwestern United States, a team of evil Decepticons – Megatron, Starscream, Blitzwing, Soundwave, Rumble, Frenzy, Ravage, Buzzsaw, and Laserbeak – soared through the air towards the Autobot Ark, home base to their enemies, the noble Autobots.

“Soundwave, scan and report!” commanded Megatron.

“Readings confirm presence of Energon-X within Autobot Ark.” replied Soundwave in his eerie monotone.

“Excellent!” said Megatron. “Decepticons, show no mercy!”

And with that, the Decepticons opened fire on the Autobot Ark.

Inside the Ark, Red Alert and Inferno stood in front of the Autobot master computer, Teletraan I.

“If they think they’re gonna get their grubby hands on the Energon-X, they’ve got another thing coming!” laughed Inferno.

“Indeed.” added Red Alert, turning his attention to a freshly installed control panel on Teletraan I.

To the Decepticons astonishment, a battery of automated laser cannons emerged from beneath the rocky surface above the Ark, and began blasting away.

From a nearby hilltop, a team of Autobots – Optimus Prime, Tracks, Sideswipe, Sunsteaker, Mirage, Hoist, Smokescreen, and Cliffjumper – had been watching and waiting.

“They’ve been thrown off-balance by the element of surprise. The time is now.” said Optimus Prime. “Autobots, transform and roll out!”

The Autobots changed their robotic forms into sleek cars and trucks and barreled down the hill and straight on towards the Decepticons.

“It was a trap!” exclaimed Megatron.

“You have a talent for stating the obvious, o great leader.” snarked Starscream.

“Blitzwing,” ordered Megatron, “take the point.”

Blitzwing swooped to the ground and transformed to tank mode, firing his powerful shells at the approaching Autobots. The Autobots dodged the fire and returned it, creating a diversion so that Tracks could transform from land vehicle mode to air vehicle mode. Tracks flew over Blitzwing and dropped a bomb in the precise spot, damaging Blitzwing’s treads and causing him to flip over.

“Tanks for the memories.” quipped Tracks.

“Laserbeak, Buzzsaw, operation termination.” Soundwave commanded his two bird-of-prey subordinates.

But Tracks blinded Buzzsaw with his black beam while Laserbeak was shot from behind in a sneak attack from Sideswipe, whose rocket pack gave him flying ability in robot mode.

The other Decepticons responded with a ferocious barrage of gunfire. Smokescreen sped ahead of the other Autobots and activated the special smoke that was his unique power, enveloping the Decepticons in a grey cloud through which they couldn’t see as the Autobots returned fire.

“Soundwave,” coughed Megatron, “Plan B.”

“As you command.” replied Soundwave. “Ratbat, eject, operation annihilation.” And from Soundwave’s chest there emerged a horrific creature whose built-in radar allowed him to navigate through the cloud of smoke, zero in on Smokescreen and open fire, hitting Smokescreen and sending the Autobot into a tailspin.

Ratbat next turned his attention to Sideswipe, dodging the Autobot’s gunfire with astonishing aerial acrobatics, then returning the fire with interest, hitting Sideswipe in all his weakest spots.

Sunstreaker sped up, launched himself into the air and transformed to robot mode, pouncing on Ratbat. They wrestled in mid-air until Ratbat put the bite on Sunstreaker, his fangs draining the Autobot of precious Energon.

By now, the cloud of smoke had dissipated. “Decepticons,” commanded Megatron, “give the Autobots a show of force!”

Megatron transformed into gun mode, landing in Starscream’s hand. Starscream pulled the trigger, and the powerful beam struck Mirage just as he was beginning to activate his invisibility power, causing his engine to explode. Meanwhile, Hoist and Rumble fought hand-to-hand, as did Cliffjumper and Frenzy, while Blitzwing recovered from his damage and transformed into fighter jet mode, firing missiles at the Autobots.

Optimus Prime transformed to his imposing robot mode. “Cover me!” he ordered Tracks, who dutifully engaged the Decepticons in a firefight.

Optimus had a clear shot at Megatron and Starscream and didn’t waste it. He blasted Megatron’s gun form out of Starscream’s hand, then hit Starscream square in the chest. As Megatron began Transforming back into robot mode, Optimus continued firing until Megatron was down.

Optimus then turned around and shot down Ratbat, who was attempting a sneak attack.

Soundwave turned his deadly sonics on Optimus, but Soundwave hadn’t counted on Inferno and Red Alert, who had emerged from the Ark. Their double-barreled assault soon had Soundwave unconscious, and Inferno’s shoulder-mounted weapon took down Blitzwing.

Cliffjumper froze Frenzy in glass-gas, while Hoist delivered the knockout punch to Rumble. Tracks took care of Ravage, the last Decepticon standing.

“Sweet victory.” gloated Cliffjumper.

It was time for a reality check from Optimus. “We’ve won this battle, but not yet the war. Let’s hope our other operations are proceeding according to plan.”


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