Sunday, May 2, 2010

FANFIC: The Transformers in "Turning Point," Chapter 2

In a section of the Pacific Ocean not far from the American coast, there moved what appeared to be an aircraft carrier with five fighter jets aboard. In reality, the jets were the Aerialbots, and they awaited their encounter with the Decepticons with varying degrees of patience.

“Are we there yet?” moaned Slingshot.

“We’ll reach the coordinates any minute now.” replied Silverbolt.

Suddenly, the water below started to churn.

“Call it a hunch,” said Air Raid, “but I think we’re already there.”

A colossal tower emerged from the ocean, and a giant hatch opened, unleashing four Decepticons: Ramjet, Thrust, Dirge, and Astrotrain. They opened fire on the Aerialbots.

“Aerialbots,” commanded Silverbolt, “counter-attack!”

The Aerialbots took to the sky with speed and grace, and soon the skies were alight with pulsating lasers and exploding missiles as there unfolded an awesome battle.

The Decepticons’ underwater base, which was connected to the tower, was temporarily deserted. And at the bottom of the ocean, another Autobot was taking advantage of this.

Seaspray, the Autobot best adapted to aquatic settings, worked painstakingly to override the Decepticon base’s alarms until, finally, an emergency entrance activated, allowing Seaspray access.

As Seaspray raced through corridors looking for the base’s control center, the battle above water was turning in the Decepticons’ favor, thanks largely to Astrotrain’s considerable durability and firepower. Silverbolt knew the time had come for extreme measures.

“Aerialbots,” commanded Silverbolt, “merge into Superion!”

But before all five Aerialbots could join together, Ramjet brutally rammed Slingshot, while Dirge scored a direct hit on Sky Dive. Superion was only operating at a fraction of his power, and had limbs missing. This made him an easy target for the Decepticons, who went into battle formation and bombarded Superion with all the weaponry at their disposal.

Below, Seaspray had found the control center and was in the process of programming the base for self-destruction, but it would take a few more minutes – time he might not have, considering what appeared to be the outcome of the battle above.

Suddenly, the aircraft carrier began moving, pulling itself apart and then back together in a new form, that of a mighty shuttle that was more than a match for Astrotrain in size and power. This was Broadside, whom the Decepticons were getting a rude introduction to.

Broadside made short work of Ramjet, Thrust, and Dirge, then engaged Astrotrain in a ferocious dogfight. They appeared evenly matched until the three still-functional Aerialbots regrouped to provide reinforcements.

Inside the base, Seaspray finally got the computer to execute the self-destruct program. He ran for the emergency exit as the countdown ticked away.

Above, the three still-functional Aerialbots loaded their fallen fellow Aerialbots as well as the four Decepticons into Broadside’s spacious hull. Seaspray emerged from the ocean and jumped inside Broadside.

“Get us out of here as fast as you can.” said Seaspray to Broadside, who obliged.

The Decepticon base exploded in a tremendous fireball that illuminated the night sky.

Silverbolt communicated with Teletraan I through Broadside’s radio. His report to Optimus Prime was brief and to the point: “The mission was a success.”

“Hopefully,” said Optimus Prime, “the same will hold true of the others.”


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