Sunday, May 9, 2010

FANFIC: The Transformers in "Turning Point", Chapter 4

“Blaster,” commanded Jazz, “make this mutant monstrosity shake us loose.”

“Good vibrations comin’ right up.” replied Blaster as he used his sonic powers to give the mutant a tremendous jolt. Cosmos broke free and sped away, searching for a somewhere safe to land.

Back on Earth, Prowl noted the rapid progress being made on the creation of Autobot City. Wheeljack and Ratchet supervised the construction while Grapple went about his master builder work with customary precision. Spike and Sparkplug were lending Grapple a helping hand, and Carly oversaw the programming of the computer systems.

Spike walked over to Carly and gave her a kiss on the cheek. “Sorry we’ve ended up spending what should have been our honeymoon working.”

Carly laughed. “This is the best honeymoon you could ever have given me. I’m having the time of my life.”

Spike smiled in response, but Carly noticed he was fidgety. “What’s wrong?” she asked.

“It’s Dad.” whispered Spike. “He’s overworking himself again.”

The young couple looked over at Sparkplug, who grinned and waved at them, oblivious to his son and daughter-in-law’s concern. Sparkplug was a proud man, living for his work and raised to believe that showing vulnerability was a sign of weakness. But in the last couple years, age had been catching up with him, and his health was not what it used to be.

Carly and Spike’s contemplation was interrupted by Six-Gun and Scamper, recent additions to the Autobot army and the designated guardians of Autobot City. “What’s the status of the computers, Carly?” asked Six-Gun.

“I was about to give Slammer his test run.” replied Carly, pointing at a tiny automated tank that she had designed to help patrol the perimeter of Autobot City. She punched a few keys on her computer set-up, and Slammer came to life, moving in circles and talking in beeps and boops.

“That is so cool.” said Scamper admiringly. Carly smiled.

Meanwhile, Prowl contacted one of the five Protectobots who were patrolling the perimeter. “Anything to report, Blades?”

“Now that you mention it,” replied the Autobot helicopter, “we’ve got Hoist about to make his delivery of the Energon-X.”

“Outstanding.” said Prowl. “The Energon-X is our trump card. It’ll guarantee that Autobot City is mightier than Decepticon City.” He paused. “Of course, I’m still holding out hope that Ironhide and his crew can keep Decepticon City from becoming a reality.”

But over on Dinobot Island, the Decepticons were dangerously close to completing work on Decepticon City. The six Constructicons worked hard while the three Insecticons rotated between devouring the island’s rich vegetation, keeping the dinosaurs at bay, and providing the raw power to fuel Decepticon City.

Shrapnel was in the midst of gorging himself on exotic plants when he heard the roar of a jet engine. He took to the skies and recognized the approaching Autobot Skyfire.

“Alert, Decepticons!” shrieked Shrapnel to his comrades. “Autobots approaching (approaching.)”

“Give them a shocking welcome!” commanded Scrapper, pointing up at the storm clouds.

“With pleasure,” replied Shrapnel, “(pleasure.) I shall fry them to a crisp (crisp.)” Using one arm as a lightning rod and the other to fire searing bolts, Shrapnel electrocuted Skyfire, shorting out many of his circuits, including his navigation systems. Skyfire crash-landed in a dense clump of trees.

“Damage report!” commanded Ironhide as he and his team – Warpath, Huffer, Gears, Brawn, Beachcomber, Windcharger, Bluestreak, Hound, Trailbreaker, and the five Dinobots – tumbled out of Skyfire.

“We’re all still functional.” declared Bluestreak.

“Unfortunately,” interjected Skyfire as he transformed to robot mode, “I’m at only 60% capability after what just happened.”

“We’re sittin’ ducks in this tight spot.” said Ironhide. “Dino-buddies, clear us a path.”

“Dinobots save the day as always.” replied Grimlock. “Dinobots, transform and smash trees.”

As the Dinobots got to work, Warpath transformed to tank mode. “Let me – wham! – give you some – pow! – help.”

“This is a bummer, man.” groaned Beachcomber as he watched the trees being crushed, torn up, blown up, and torched.

But his lament was short-lived as the Constructicons and Insecticons launched their assault on the Autobots.


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