Sunday, May 16, 2010

FANFIC: The Transformers in "Turning Point", Chapter 5

In Cybertron’s Forbidden Zone, Cosmos was heading towards what appeared to be a fortress in ruins. “Sensors indicate no mutant presence within a wide radius.” he said.

“Then make a landing ASAP.” ordered Jazz.

Cosmos obeyed, and soon the group of Autobots stood outside the ruins in a semi-circle with Jazz at the center.

“Skids,” said Jazz, “I want you to search for anything that might lead us to the surviving Autobot exiles...” he paused, then added, “...if there are any survivors.”

“On it.” replied Skids.

Jazz then turned to Perceptor. “Analyze these ruins and tell me when and how you think they were destroyed.” he said. “And, finally, Powerglide, reconnoiter the vicinity and report on anything approaching our position. But don’t go out too far!”

“Gotcha.” said Powerglide.

As Powerglide took to the air, Jazz surveyed his unit at work and on guard. Unknown to Jazz, they were being watched from a scrying pool inside the nearby castle of the Forbidden Zone’s tyrannical self-appointed ruler, Yarvok, a powerful mutant wizard as evil as he was hideous to look at. With a mere thought, Yarvok commanded his monstrous army of mutants to attack and capture the Autobots.

Meanwhile, on Earth, the battle for Dinobot Island seemed to be turning in the Autobots’ favor.

“We’re outgunned and outnumbered.” panicked Scavenger.

“I do not know the meaning of the word surrender!” growled Bonecrusher.

“Our victory shall come through strategy!” declared Bombshell as he fired a mind-controlling Cerebro-Shell into the small brain of Sludge, the brontosaurian Dinobot. Under Bombshell’s orders, Sludge lashed out at his fellow Dinobots, using his tail as a whip to give Grimlock a severe chest wound and sending Grimlock tumbling onto Snarl. Sludge then used his optic lasers to shoot down the airborne Swoop. Slag, the horned Dinobot, charged at Sludge just as Grimlock and Snarl were getting back on their feet. But Sludge stomped the ground so hard that it cracked, with the other three Dinobots falling down the deep fissure. Sludge then began attacking the rest of the Autobots.

“If ever a golden opportunity presented itself...” observed Hook.

“You said it!” agreed Scrapper. “Constructicons, merge into Devastator!”

In the blink of an eye, the six Constructicons combined into the gigantic super-robot Devastator, striking terror into the heart of even the hardiest Autobot. “AUTOBOTS,” said Devastator in his booming baritone, “YOUR FATE IS SEALED!”

Devastator used one of his massive hands to pick up Warpath, who was in tank mode and firing at him in vain. “Zing! Let me go! Zowie!” exclaimed Warpath. Devastator casually tossed Warpath far away from the shores of the island, where he sank helplessly like a stone. Skyfire, despite his injuries, bravely charged at Devastator, only for the Decepticon to respond with a ferocious martial arts kick that sent Skyfire to the ground. The rest of the Autobots opened fire, but Devastator was unfazed and he brought down his fist on them, crushing some and scattering the rest.

Meanwhile, near Autobot City, Slammer, the spunky little Autobot tank drone, was helping the Protectobots guard Autobot City. Suddenly, Slammer’s advanced sensors detected a Decepticon presence not far away. Scanning around, he discovered the Combaticons plus Thundercracker and Skywarp attempting a sneak attack. Slammer sped towards them, and was quickly spotted from the air by Vortex, who transmitted an image to Onslaught and flippantly remarked, “The Autobots must be getting desperate if they send a toy tank after us.”

“I would be glad to crush it!” roared Brawl.

“No, Brawl,” commanded Onslaught, “save your agression for Autobot City. Swindle, pick off that miniature nuisance.”

“You got it.” replied Swindle, who fired an explosive shell at Slammer which the little Autobot dodged easily. Slammer then returned fire, his own shell packing a considerable punch that Swindle never expected. Swindle was sent flying and crash-landed upside down.

Slammer then alerted the Autobots of the Decepticons’ approach. “Battle stations!” responded Prowl, who then issued another command, “Protectobots, head off the Combaticons at the pass!”


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