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FANFIC: The Transformers in "Turning Point," Chapter 9

The winds gusted, the clouds turned black, and lightning struck in several places at once as the mystical battle between Avaya and Yarvok put the entire Negative Zone in peril. The two mages summoned energies from the nature around them and channeled the energies into mystic bolts which they fired at each other.

All of this was causing severe structural damage to the castle. The mutants panicked as the ceilings began collapsing around them. The giant mutant fighting Blaster was buried under rubble, giving Blaster a chance to make a break for it. Blaster raced to the dungeons and used his sonics to pop open the doors to the cells containing his fellow Autobots. “Tonight,” Blaster declared, “there’s gonna be a jailbreak.”

Outside, the tide of battle was turning against Avaya, whose lengthy inactivity had left her without practice, and she was gradually being overwhelmed by Yarvok’s bolts. “Surrender!” said Yarvok, “Surrender and I may be lenient with you.”

“Knowing your concept of leniency, I refuse to surrender!” said Avaya defiantly, but she was now losing strength rapidly.

Suddenly, the Autobots burst through the castle’s heavy doors, and attacked Yarvok with all their might. This did little to harm Yarvok, but it distracted him long enough for Avaya to rally and focus her powers into one single, deadly bolt.

Avaya fired, and Yarvok screamed as he appeared to begin combusting. A loud and flashy explosion finished off the remaining foundations of the castle, and it collapsed on top of Avaya and the Autobots.

Gradually, the Autobots pulled themselves out of the rubble. None of them were seriously damaged. Avaya, too, was unharmed, thanks to Skids shielding her at the last second.

Bumblebee was the first to find his voice. “ the wizard...d-d-d-dead?”

“Not necessarily.” replied Avaya resignedly. “He may have been able to teleport himself to another dimension.” She paused as she looked at the withered remains of the garden. “But there is no organic life remaining to sustain him, so it is unlikely he will return here.

“If I am to survive, I must go now to another dimension, too, and take the surviving mutants with me. Most of them are not truly evil now that Yarvok’s corrupting influence is gone.

“But first, I am once again indebted to you Autobots for assisting in my victory and for saving my life. What would you desire?”

Jazz did not hesitate to reply. “Destroy the Decepticon citadel, so that we can take back Cybertron.”

“Yeah, what he said.” agreed Kup.

“Very well.” said Avaya, raising her arms and firing a mystic bolt which traveled toward the skies above the Decepticon citadel and entered the clouds.

Below, Elita-One’s Autobot forces had been boxed in by the Decepticon reinforcements and appeared on the verge of surrender. But the mystically empowered clouds began turning strange colors and thundering loudly.

All the Decepticons were unfazed, except Shockwave, who knew immediately that something was amiss. “A strange energy pattern...” he mused, “...originating in...the Forbidden Zone?” He suddenly understood, and was alarmed. “Decepticons,” he commanded, “cease fire and take cover!”

As Shockwave ran to safety, the other Decepticons were nonplussed. “Just when we’re winning? What’s gotten into him?” snarled Motormaster.

The thunder grew louder, and lightning bolts began raining down, hitting only the Decepticons and their citadel.

“It is the hour of our doom.” observed Dead End with typical moroseness as he and the rest of the Decepticons either fell unconscious or scrambled in panic.

With a deafening thunderclap, a massive bolt struck the Decepticon citadel dead center and caused it to explode in a mushroom cloud, leaving only a smoking crater.

“I don’t know how,” said Elita-One, “but it’s clear we have won.”

At the same time, in the forbidden zone, Avaya had levitated herself and opened a mystic portal, which the winds under her command carried the surviving mutants into.

“And so,” declared Avaya, “the last remaining traces of organic life on Cybertron are no more. Farewell, Autobots. Rule your planet justly and wisely.” Avaya followed the last of the mutants into the portal, which then vanished.

“Blaster,” said Jazz, “radio Optimus Prime and tell him that victory is finally ours.”

Bumblebee and Powerglide couldn’t contain themselves. “WA-HOO!” they cheered. The other Autobots immediately joined them in raucous celebration.

Later, much later, the entire Autobot army was assembled in the chambers of Cybertron’s master computer, Vector Sigma, the original source of the Transformers’ life sparks.

Optimus Prime stood tall and proud at the center of it all as the trial of his nemesis Megatron reached its conclusion.

“Autobots, I firmly believe in the sanctity of sentient life, but I also believe in justice. Megatron must pay for his countless crimes, and he must pay the ultimate price.”

That said, Optimus wielded the spare key to Vector Sigma which Alpha Trion had entrusted to Elita-One, and activated the super-computer.

“Who reactivates me?” asked Vector Sigma icily.

“I, Optimus Prime, leader of the Autobots and new ruler of Cybertron. I command you to take back the life spark that you gave to the Transformers’ greatest folly, the one called Megatron. His consciousness will forevermore be imprisoned within you, where he can do no more harm.” Optimus paused, then locked eyes with Megatron. “Any last words, Megatron?”

“Yes,” replied Megatron, “I must grudgingly congratulate you, Optimus Prime, for your plan to capture and neutralize all Decepticons on Cybertron and on Earth was brilliantly conceived and precisely executed. But most of all, this final battle has proven that you could only defeat me by becoming as ruthless and brutal as I. Think about that as you assume your new responsibilities. Farewell, my greatest enemy...or should I say, my greatest disciple?”

Megatron then broke out in blood-chilling laughter which echoed across the chamber as Vector Sigma absorbed Megatron’s consciousness and Megatron’s body fell to the ground.

An uncomfortable silence followed which was finally broken by Prowl. “What will we do with the body?” he asked.

“Melt it into scrap.” was Optimus Prime’s emotionless reply.

Optimus walked out of the chamber without another word. The other Autobots, including the newly reinstated Ultra Magnus and Kup, filed out slowly and awkwardly.

Later, with his hands on his hips, Optimus Prime observed the remaining Decepticons below him, all doing hard labor in a specially built prison. He heard a familiar engine coming to a stop behind him. “What do you have to report, Cliffjumper?” asked Optimus as Cliffjumper transformed from vehicle mode to robot mode.

“It’s not good news, Prime.” said Cliffjumper. “Shockwave is still at large. We’ve rounded up all the other Decepticons on Earth and on Cybertron, but he managed to slip away.”

“And with greater knowledge than anyone else of the planet’s ins and outs, he will likely prove most elusive.” observed Optimus Prime stoically.

“It really burns me up.” growled Cliffjumper. “Just once, I’d like the Autobots to have a total victory.”

“In life,” said Optimus Prime, “there is no such thing.”

With those words, Optimus Prime turned and transformed to vehicle mode. “Let’s roll.” he commanded, and Cliffjumper obeyed, transforming and revving up his engine. The two Autobots sped away towards an uncertain future.


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